ShapeSpace 3D Search tool for Aras

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The ShapeSpace 3D Search tool for Aras extends the searching capabilities of Aras to enable searching by shape.

For the first time, this puts advanced and affordable 3D search capabilities into the hands of organizations giving them the opportunity to improve part re-use, reduce the part number counts, aggregate and consolidate bought in parts, and drastically reduce external spend.

Click Here or on the image below to view a short video on how to search Aras for parts on the basis of their shape.

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The ShapeSpace integration with Aras as well as an advanced text search version of ShapeSpace Enterprise Solution will be made freely available as an Aras community solution in 2011.

AESSiS are pleased to host an online demonstration environment for the ShapeSpace integration to Aras to allow people to try it for themselves.  

Click Here to request a free user name and password for this demonstration environment.  Note: You will also need to run a small installer which you can obtain by clicking here.  This sets up the ShapeSpace 3D Search client on your desktop.. 

About ShapeSpace & 3D Search

ShapeSpace ( develop world-leading search technology for CAD and PLM that allows manufacturing companies to search for components by shape.

3D search technologies, allow you to search for and find parts on the basis of their shape. It’s a very intuitive way for an engineer to locate and use previously designed parts.

And with almost all design work now done using 3D computer-aided design software this is very useful.

3D search technologies employ algorithms that generate unique ‘geometric signatures’ for CAD models.

By comparing these signatures across potentially thousands of models, items of a particular desired shape can be found and identical or similar parts grouped together.