teamcenter_upgrades Get More From Your Teamcenter Investment

Teamcenter is a widely used & powerful PLM technology.  It is one of the most well established PLM technologies in the industry with a very strong pedigree in CAD data management and product visualization.  This is why many of the worlds biggest OEMs use it for managing their CAD design data and visualising their products.

Teamcenter's scale and complexity means that some organisations can struggle to take full advantage of it's capabilities.  In our experience, companies can make big strides forward by implementing their existing Teamcenter software in a better way.

AESSiS have been implementing Teamcenter since 2007.  Each member of our team have over 20 years Teamcenter experience under their belts which puts them among the most experienced independant Teamcenter practitioners anywhere in the world.

Handling Complex Teamcenter Upgrades

For those companies who have left Teamcenter largely 'out of the box' and kept their environments scrupulously up to date, upgrades can be relatively relatively straightforward.

But this is not always the case.  Perhaps, because of acquisitions or changed business circumstances, companies sometimes find themselves with instances of Teamcenter at old versions of the software that they need to upgrade to the latest release.  These istances may contain data and customisations that don't fit very well into the latest versions of the Teamcenter software and data modelling conventions and practises have evolved and changed inside Teamcenter itself.

With a growing number businesses standardising on Microsoft technology to save money, companies can be faced with a need to switch the database technology underlying Teamcenter from Oracle to SQL (or indeed vice versa)

Sometimes, companies want to upgrade but leave some old junk data or defunct customisations behind.  Kind of a partial upgrade.

At AESSiS, we work with clients to deliver complex Teamcenter upgrade projects that cannot be achieved using standard upgrade tools.

  • We are experts at upgrading old instances of Teamcenter to the latest Teamcenter release skipping interim releases
  • We have deep experience in upgrading highly customised Teamcenter environments where data must be mapped to a new data model
  • We specialise in selective upgrades where not all data from the old environment is to be included in the new upgraded Teamcenter environment
  • We know how to change in the underlying Teamcenter database for example from Oracle to MS SQL so that business can commonise their IT infrastructure
  • We also have deep experience  handling upgrades where there is a heavy usage of advanced CAD modelling techniques such as WAVE links between NX CAD data sets.

Our Teamcenter Upgrade Skills

  • Teamcenter Business Modeller Application (BMIDE)
  • Teamcenter ITK & C++ Development
  • .NET/JAVA/C++  SOAs for web service integration
  • CAD APIs
  • SQL & Oracle Databases