teamcenter_migration Get More From Your Teamcenter Investment

Teamcenter is a widely used & powerful PLM technology.  It is one of the most well established PLM technologies in the industry with a very strong pedigree in CAD data management and product visualization.  This is why many of the worlds biggest OEMs use it for managing their CAD design data and visualising their products.

Teamcenter's scale and complexity means that some organisations can struggle to take full advantage of it's capabilities.  In our experience, companies can make big strides forward by implementing their existing Teamcenter software in a better way.

AESSiS have been implementing Teamcenter since 2007.  Each member of our team have over 20 years Teamcenter experience under their belts which puts them among the most experienced independant Teamcenter practitioners anywhere in the world.

Why Migrating Data into Teamcenter is Important

Valuable Part, BOM & Drawing information may exist outside Teamcenter in other older business systems, in databases obtained through company acquisition or in previously used PDM or PLM systems. 
Maintaining legacy systems increases IT overheads.  And making people to search multiple systems for information slows down business processes and reduces design & part reuse.

Legacy data comes in several forms

There may be 2D drawings from a previous drawing management
There could be 3D CAD models from a legacy PDM solution or stored on the file system
There may be Part & BOM information stored in an MRP or ERP system

End to End business processes can be made more streamlined and efficient if product information (data and files) residing in legacy databases can be migrated into Teamcenter.
Whether you are migrating;

At AESSiS, we work with clients to transfer their important business information into Teamcenter to cut out the errors and waste

  • We are experts at using the Teamcenter APIs that allow data to be written to and from Teamcenter programatically
  • We have deep experience in ITK, the internal language of Teamcenter, for querying and manipulating data within Teamcenter programatically
  • We know how ERP systems work and how best to handle and present data to Teamcenter in a manner in which it can be understood
  • We also know how to clean up and manipulate CAD data during migration so that it arrives in Teamcenter in an orderly manner and with duplicates eliminated

Our Teamcenter Migration Skills

  • Teamcenter Business Modeller Application (BMIDE)
  • Teamcenter ITK & C++ Development
  • Teamcenter SOA API
  • .NET/JAVA/C++  SOAs for web service integration
  • Extensive knowledge of ERP architectures
  • SQL & Oracle Databases
  • CAD APIs