teamcenter_configuration Get More From Your Teamcenter Investment

Teamcenter is a widely used & powerful PLM technology.  It is one of the most well established PLM technologies in the industry with a very strong pedigree in CAD data management and product visualization.  This is why many of the worlds biggest OEMs use it for managing their CAD design data and visualising their products.

Teamcenter's scale and complexity means that some organisations can struggle to take full advantage of it's capabilities.  In our experience, companies can make big strides forward by implementing their existing Teamcenter software in a better way.

AESSiS have been implementing Teamcenter since 2007.  Each member of our team have over 20 years Teamcenter experience under their belts which puts them among the most experienced independant Teamcenter practitioners anywhere in the world.

Understanding the detailed
data management and process needs of customers and then mapping those requirements into the Teamcenter platform is crucial to ensuring project success.

However, in our experience, many Teamcenter projects get underway with a poor understanding of these needs.  As a result, customers often default to a ‘pre-packaged’ or ‘out of the box’ configuration.  Although pre-packaged configurations can sometimes be a useful starting point, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is usually not enough in the medium and longer term. They take too little account of how individual organisations actually work, the specific processes they follow to deliver products and projects and the information flows underpinning these processes.

Organisations end up with a Teamcenter environment that does not quite meet their needs.   Parallel information flows emerge and the solution is worked around which undermines the validity of the rest of the information maintained within the system.

At AESSiS, we
work with clients to configure Teamcenter to align as closely as possible to their desired business process and data management needs to ensure project success

  • We are experts at using the Teamcenter Business Modelling tool (BMIDE) to extend existing item types or build new ones.  
  • We specialise in building fast and effective Teamcenter workflows to route decision making quickly and efficiently around the organisation.  
  • We have deep experience in building custom Teamcenter forms and extending the Teamcenter user interface to give customers precisely the tools they need to get the job done.
  • We know how to integrate Teamcenter with other business systems and data so that information flows through the organisation as smoothly as possible without manual data re-entry.

Our Teamcenter Configuration Skills

  • Teamcenter Business Modeller Application (BMIDE)
  • OSGI (Eclipse) platform for UI configuration
  • Teamcenter ITK & C++ Development
  • Teamcenter SOA API