teamcenter_technology teamcenterTeamcenter is a suite of product lifecycle management (PLM) computer software applications. It was originally created by Unigraphics, a company which later became Siemens PLM Software.

Teamcenter is a widely used PLM system and provides the right information for people to make the right product decisions from planning and development through to manufacturing and support.  It also improves productivity by connecting people with the product and process knowledge they need to function effectively in a global businesses.

Teamcenter can manage data from all major CAD systems and converts that data into the JT visualisation format automatically.  Users can bring parts from different CAD systems into a visual mockup, where they can visualize, measure, section and mark up.
Teamcenter also provides electronic workflow capabilities to allow companies to control their change and configuration management processes in a robust way.  

Although Teamcenter is a very powerful PLM solution organisations can sometimes struggle to make the most of its comprehensive and complex capabilities and use it effectively in the context of their PLM strategy.

At AESSiS, we focus on helping customers get more from their existing Teamcenter investment and we specialise in helping customers realise this hidden value.  

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