aad bom editor for aras The AESSiS BOM Editor for Aras allows you to build and edit multi-level BOM structures quickly and easily.

AAD BOM Editor For Aras
In the standard Aras interface, BOMs can be edited by opening a Part form and modifying the immediate child items.  However, when there are multiple levels in a BOM, this can be time consuming because you have to open each level one at a time.

The AESSiS BOM Editor gives you the ability to manipulate and edit all levels
of a multi-level BOM simultaneously in a single interface.

You can carry out multiple sequential edits such as cutting or copying and then pasting items from one place to another in the BOM, indenting or outdenting items, deleting items or adding items to the BOM.

You can then save all the edits in one go or indeed abandon your edits by undoing.

The AESSiS BOM Editor is built on AAD+ Application Development Framework.

AAD+ allows you to build complex Aras apps in HTML5, IOS, Android & Windows more quickly.
AAD+ also enables the development of tools & apps with more ‘rich client like’ usability features.