aras_platform They have also often used proprietary & closed technologies that are costly to own and grow, too complicated to use, impossible to upgrade, and far too resource intensive to maintain.

Aras have taken a very different approach.
The Aras solution is built on the idea that;

- Individual businesses are unique and different from any other
- Businesses and their needs are changing faster than ever
- PLM systems need to connect into other existing systems to leverage their data
- Businesses can’t wait forever for an out of the box solution that exactly meets their needs

Aras's unique architecture is therefore designed to be;

Flexible to meet today's needs and easily adapted as businesses evolve and those needs change

Aras allows businesses to quickly and easily make real-time modifications to solutions using browser-based, drag-and-drop operations. Workflows, lifecycles, access privileges, properties, and forms all based on Item Types and can be easily tailored to fit your exact needs, maximizing the benefits.

Easy to upgrade, even when systems are heavily customized allowing customers to quickly benefit from enhancements in new releases

Upgrades are straightforward and easy no matter the amount of customization and are performed by Aras Support for customers on subscription.

Open so that it can be connected with other business systems.

Openness is critical to the long term success and sustainability of any PLM implementation.  Aras has an open architecture which features an open data model, open interfaces and use of open Web standards.

Scalable to grow as businesses using the technology grow

The Aras architecture provides a new level of PLM platform scalability for enterprises with global supply chains and a significant number of PLM users. Aras's architectural design allows for the handling of very large levels of throughput by using frequent, short database transactions.