aras_security Today's companies face a challenging dilemma.  They must be able to share information extensively as part of their collaborative product development and manufacturing processes, while at the same time protecting their intellectual property rights and mitigating the legal, financial and business risks of security related issues.

Aras is designed to run in environments where the highest levels of security are a necessity.  The Aras security model is proven in mission-critical operation by multiple armed forces, defense contractors, and life sciences firms.

User Authentication

  • Aras Innovator determines the identity of every user attempting to access the system to ensure they are who they claim to be.
  • Aras Innovator uses web services protocols that support user authentication for both browser and mobile access.
  • The built-in Aras Innovator authentication mechanism allows password settings to be easily configured.


  • Aras Innovator determines what information each user is able to access by managing their access permissions.
  • Access Control Lists specify the permissions available to elected users to access Item types.
  • Permissions for an Item type may change as it moves through its lifecycle.

Identity Management

  • A user’s identity determines what actions they will be allowed to perform within the system.
  • Aras Innovator provides a flexible, dynamic approach to efficiently manage the identity of authenticated users in real time.