aras_business_model Today's companies face a challenging dilemma.  They must be able to share information extensively as part of their collaborative product development and manufacturing processes, while at the same time protecting their intellectual property rights and mitigating the legal, financial and business risks of security related issues.

Traditional PLM systems can be expensive. Companies face high up-front costs for software licensing. 

Most of the traditional CAD/PLM vendors have now shifted to a named-user licensing model.  Generally the cost of the software depends on the number of applications or modules that need to be purchased.  So the cost will increase as the company goes beyond using PDM managing only CAD data towards a more comprehensive PLM capability. 

There are also usually different licences for so-called heavy users versus light users   Combining this with potentially a large number of separate product modules, all often licensed separately, and the costs may be so high that companies can’t justify making PLM available to everyone that needs it.

Consulting costs for customization projects further increase the cost of ownership and are incurred over and over every time the system needs to be upgraded.

Changing the Economics of PLM

Aras business modelAras takes a different approach – one that keeps costs lower, predictable and in line with returns.

With Aras:
  • There are no software licensing costs
  • Customization costs are lower
  • Upgrade services are included in subscription

Benefits of the Aras Model

With Aras there are no up-front costs for software licensing making projects more affordable and allowing businesses to make PLM available to everyone that needs it.
Implementation costs are also lower due to the flexibility of Aras Innovator and upgrade services are included in the subscription making it easy to stay on the latest release.

With the unique Aras business model, businesses get the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. Aras is designed to run in environments where the highest levels of security are a necessity.  The Aras security model is proven in mission-critical operation by multiple armed forces, defense contractors, and life sciences firms.