tc services Many organisations, even those using well established cPDM and PLM products still employ a plethora of home-grown database and spreadsheet based approaches to control many of the complex information flows associated with their engineering and related business processes. 

But more & more companies are realising that Aras is the PLM system that can get to places that other systems cannot.  They are taking advantage of Aras’s modern, model-based PLM architecture to extend standard Aras solutions or build entirely new bespoke solutions that automate every corner of their business.

Sometimes they need to incorporate product data maintained in other systems like Teamcenter.  AESSiS can help these organisations synchronise their Teamcenter data into downstream Aras solutions by establishing a Teamcenter Aras Interface.  To find out more, contact Graham McCall at

Teamcenter Aras Interface Components

There are 3 basic components in a Teamcenter Aras Interface.  These components can be set up to provide an ongoing synchronisation between Teamcenter & Aras or a data migration from one system to the other.

Teacenter Aras Interface

Typical Teamcenter-Aras Project Durations (depending on scope & complexity)

A typical Teamcenter Aras Interface project will take from 50 to 80 days to deploy but it could be less or more depending on project scope and complexity.

All projects should begin with a Discovery exercise to determine if there is a valid business case to proceed further.  This activity looks at the cost of deploying Aras (including the building of custom applications and creating the interface to Teamcenter versus the cost of building custom applications in Teamcenter.  The graphic below describes a typical project roadmap.

teamcenter aras interface project durations

Case Study - Teamcenter Aras Synchronisation at Man Diesel

Man Diesel (located in Denmark) design large diesel engines for the ship building industry.

Their business goal was to take advantage of Aras's flexible business modelling tools and use it as a platform to develop many custom applications to replace and rationalise a number of existing tools built on various platforms and thereby extend the automation of various business processes.

To support this goal, they needed interface between Teamcenter and Aras in order to synchronise complex BOM data from Teamcenter into Aras from where it could be consumed by these downstream Aras applications.

The interface was delivered on-budget during 2014 and over 30 million items are now being synchronised between Teamcenter & Aras.

man diesel case study
Case Study - Case Study - Teamcenter Aras Migration at ANCA

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and with design and manufacturing operations in Germany, Taiwan & Thailand, ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of high quality CNC tool and cutter grinders.

ANCA decided to use Aras (integrated with Siemens NX) across all its businesses because of Aras's unparalleled flexibility.

They were maintaining around 180,000 CAD and CAM item masters in a legacy Teamcenter 2005 environment with some of the CAD files dating back 20 years and more.
This valuable data needed to be quickly and accurately migrated to Aras.

In January 2016, AESSiS completed this migration with a very high degree of accuracy and ANCA are now live in Aras.

ANCA Aras AESSiS testimonial

To find out more or to schedule a Discovery Workshop, contact Graham McCall at