When Teamcenter was first implemented at HMD, before the arrival of AESSiS, it was done so on Teamcenter version 2005 using an Oracle database.

But all HMD’s other business systems are standardised on MS SQL so HMD were carrying the cost of maintaining both databases.  This made no sense.  In addition, a large amount of legacy data had been migrated into Teamcenter during the first implementation.  But this had turned into a hindrance because it was occupying item numbers that the team wanted to use elsewhere.

A decision was therefore taken to do a complex migration of data to Teamcenter version 8.3 (Unified) running on MS SQL 2008 R2.  This posed a number of challenges.  The migration had to;

  • Skip several intermediate versions of Teamcenter.
  • Move data from Oracle to MS SQL
  • Selectively migrate only data attached to HMD’s new data model leaving behind the old legacy data.
  • Support a CAD tool change from NX5 to NX7.5
  • Preserve all WAVE links maintained in Teamcenter and transfer them intact to Teamcenter version 8.3. 

The AESSiS team began by building a completely new Teamcenter 8.3 environment on MS SQL on new server hardware. 

The HMD data model was then transferred in Teamcenter 8.3 and custom tools were developed and implemented to extract the target data from the old Teamcenter environment before importing it into the new Teamcenter 8.3 environment.  The actual migration was then carried out successfully in several chunks allowing the design team to go live in the new system with a minimum of disruption.