5 Things You Should Know About the Aras PLM Solution Download PDF

1.  Aras is a modern web-based PLM solution

  • All the PLM capabilities are accessed and used via a web-browser.  This means whether you are inside the company firewall, working from home or on the other side of the world, you can access information and control engineering processes.

2.  Aras contains comprehensive and integrated set of web-based PLM applications

  • BOM management ensures simple or complex multi-level BOMs can be created and controlled. 
  • CAD data management (for all major MCAD & ECAD systems) delivers secure vaulting & check in/out control  for CAD models and assemblies.
  • Product visualisation & collaboration (built on the Open 3D PDF standard) extends access to design intent beyond the design team in a secure way.
  • Integrated project management tools allow managers to track & share projects online, communicate tasks, measure progress and capture key deliverables against the plan.
  • Electronic engineering change management capabilities allow product issues & changes to be tightly controlled and tracked to completion in an auditable, repeatable, verifiable and controlled manner.
  • Integrated quality management tools ensure that the quality information is tightly connected with the rest of the company’s product information.
  • Integration with SharePoint allows users to interact with data in Aras via SharePoint.

3.  Aras has the most modern model based architecture in the industry

  • One of the real technology breakthroughs of Aras is that it can be easily tailored to align to a company’s specific process needs without heavy customisation.
  • Data model, lifecycles, workflows and forms can be easily modified via graphical tools without heavy programming and the complexity normally associated with conventional PLM systems.
  • Even bespoke engineering processes, unique to individual companies (and usually managed by a plethora of spreadsheets) can be easily captured and the information they contain brought under the control of Aras.

4.  Aras is built around open standards so it is simple to integrate information held in Aras with other business systems such as ERP

5.  Aras is an Enterprise Open Source PLM solution

  • Aras software can be downloaded at no cost.  There is no up-front investment in software licenses required.
  • Aras sells enterprise class support subscriptions that provide a simple way for companies to ensure their Aras environment is reliably maintained.
  • Aras upgrades even for heavily customized systems are included in the Aras subscription.  There is no additional charge.